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2017-2018 Fiscal Year Summary!

Posted 5 months ago by Ren Bee

Dear Sac AACN Members!

I hope many of you had a wonderful time at NTI this year in Boston. I hope you are rejeuvenated and re-energized backed by the new found knowledge to improve patient care in your respective settings.

As the outgoing President of this great chapter, I would like to share with you the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year Summary. 

Last year, our leadership team had set out 4 goals for our chapter for the fiscal year and they are: 

  1. Succession Planning - Recruit new board members and support/encourage new leadership 
  2. Membership - Increasing growth by 10%
  3. Strategic Planning Events - Diversity in Events
  4. National AACN Award - Reapply and hopefully win 1 AACN Award

In an effort to achieve success, this board have committed themselves in a number of ways to achieve these goals and make every event a success. Starting with Succession Planning, many chapter members have stepped up to the challenge in taking an active role on the board and new Executive Leadership responsibilities. Not only do we have one of the most active board, we also have all the Executive Leadership Roles filled for 2018-2019.

Here are your new Chapter Leaders for this next fiscal year:

  • President:  Trish Pifer
  • President Elect:  Dale Dominguez
  • Treasurer:  Jessica Corpstein
  • Treasurer Elect:  Alexis Fischer
  • Secretary:  Analise Heinritz

Goal #2:  Membership

Sac-AACN has always been one of the largest chapter in this region.  Aside from serving a great deal of nurses from all the major health system in the Greater Sacramento Region, we have also supported nurses from the Tahoe, Redding, Modesto, and Vacaville Region.  In July 2016, we had 227 member and in 2017, we had 374 chapter members.  As of May 18 of this year, we are currently sitting at 405 members.  Even though, we felt short on our target goal of 10% for this year, we continue to make strides in growth and we continue to be successful in retaining our members.  Our growth of nearly 80% since 2016 is a significant success and I think every member should be proud of this success in every way.  While other organization are losing the battle of membership, our chapter continues to make strides in finding ways to recruit and retain members.  This is due to our board member's commitment to be expansive, creative and our local members finding value in their professional membership.  Moving forward, we hope we can continue this path as we look to receive more suggestions from our members on how we can make this chapter more valuable to them.

Goal #3:  Strategic Planning:  Events

This is one of the toughest goals to achieve as it requires careful planning and commitment from everyone involved.  Let me explain this briefly for those who may not have alot of event planning experience.  An average successful education symposiums requires an average of $15000-$20,000 in costs.   This is broken down in food, venue, speaker fees, and advertising.  Most of the time, we need to commit this money in advance hoping that we can recoup the costs in registration revenues; however, it gets tricky as we set the price point for our events.  If you have it too high, people won't come and if it's too low, we may increase the costs (food, syllabus,...etc).  So, it's always a juggling act on how we can keep the costs reasonable while we provide quality education at a comfortable setting.  With that in mind, I am extremely proud of this board putting together  4 Traditional Educational Events (CCRN, Winter Symposium, Spring Symposium, CMC/CSC Cardiovascular Review), 3 Dinner meetings (Fall, 2 Spring), 1 Region 19 Executive Leadership Training, and 3 Membership Social Events (Paint Night, Beer/Wine Train Tour, River Boat Certification Celebration) this year.  For $25, members were able to attend many of these activities for free. 

While some of these activites require little time to prepare, each board member played an important role in helping to setup all these activities this past year.  As I said many times at our events, we are all volunteers and we are getting paid in smiles.  And, certainly smiles do not pay bills, but it encourage professionalism and embraces nursing commraderies.  I hope through these activies, many nurses are able to connect with one another and develop lasting friendships which will add additional meaning to their nursing career.

Goal #4:  National AACN Award

Last year, our chapter have won 2 Circle of Excellence Awards and was recognized at NTI Houston.  Based on my knowledge of this chapter, this was the first time ever that we have achieved this goal.  Headed into this fiscal year, I was motivated to repeat our success and set out the goal of winning at least 1.  Even though, we were not selected, I believe that we are a better chapter this year than last.  Let me explain.  

Many local chapter organizations around the country are struggling with finding ways to engage membership, community, partnerships, and developing leadership.  As a result of this, most of these organizations have low chapter board participations and struggle to find members to participate in their programmings/activities.  In looking at some of the smaller chapter organizations, many have turnouts around 10-50 people while they provide no food or they come with a a higher registration cost.  As we look back on this year's SAC-AACN activities, many non educational events, we had an average of 25-75 participants and educational symposium, we had attendances ranging from 80-150.  In terms of board membership, most have 2-4 serving their boards, while we have an average of 8-15.  In addition, we have many partnerships with vendors and non-profit agencies, while taking an active role supporting many great causes within our community. This is why I feel that we are a stronger chapter this year than last despite not being selected as an award winner this year. 

Upcoming Event: Region 19 Leadership Development Workshop

For anyone who have concerns about the roles and responsibilities on the board, SAC - AACN is hosting the first ever California (Region 19) Leadership Development Workshop on Wednesday, June 27th.  You will be able to meet many AACN Staff members, Chapter Leaders from all over state, and learn directly about the roles and responsibilities of being the President / President Elect / Treasurer / Treasurer Elect for AACN.  This is a FREE EVENT for our chapter members and you will receive CEU/CERPS for leadership for this event.  In addition, you will also receive training on some of the online AACN resources available for Chapter Board Leadership roles.  

In closing, it is my priviledge serving as  your president for the last two years. I hope all of you had a wonderful time at these events and I invite you to join us on the board in the future in creating more events for our nursing family!


Ren Bee MS, RN, CCRN
SAC-AACN President


Angela Zhang 5 months ago

Thank you president REN Bee! I appreciate all your hard work and all your contributions to the Sac-ANCN organization. I have enjoyed the painting, the Sac river tour, and one of the conferences. I realized that there are so much fun outside of work with my colleagues. I am looking forward for more fun activities in this year. And I’ll see you around.

Ren Bee 5 months ago


Lisa Ayers 4 months ago

Ren, NTI was fabulous. Thank you so much for all your hard work to lead an outstanding chapter. Also thank you and shout out to all the board members who work tirelessly to assist the chapter in this success. Onward to 2019!!! Thanks Ren.

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