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ICU Nurses Wanted for Study

Posted 2 months ago by Patty Jasper

I am a critical care nurse with over 30 years’ experience. I am seeking research study participants as part of my dissertation research at the University of California, Davis. The Institutional Review Board at UC Davis has reviewed and approved this study (IRB ID# 1364807-1).

The goal of this research is to provide insight on how intensive care unit (ICU) nurses think about personal and professional risk when exercising clinical autonomy during direct patient care. This includes their interprofessional relationships with physicians (in particular) and work environment. This is a complex multi-layered phenomenon which has not been studied previously.

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to take part in a confidential one-on-one, in-person interview, lasting 60-90-minutes-long at a place at a time and location convenient to you. interview topics include: your role as a registered nurse; your work environment, patient care; interactions with coworkers, managers, and physicians; and, feelings about your work. The interview will be audiotaped and then transcribed for analysis. To provide confidentiality, your name, and other identifying information will not be linked to your data. Only I will know your identity and all documents and files will be secured on a password-protected computer. The detailed consent form is available if you would like additional information before agreeing to the interview.


Eligibility requirement:

  • Licensed registered nurse in California.
  • Practicing as a bedside registered nurse (not a nurse practitioner, nurse manager, or other advanced practice role) in northern California.
  • At least 2 years’ experience as a registered nurse.
  • A hospital employee with at least 1-year’s experience working on your unit.
  • Working at least 0.5 FTE (part-time or full-time) on an ICU unit.
  • Working in an adult or pediatric ICU (sorry, not ED/PACU/Transport or similar at this time).
  • Living in the greater Sacramento, CA area and available to meet in person.

Please consider taking part in this important study. For your time, a $25 Amazon gift card will be provided upon completion of the interview. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions. Please, also consider sharing this notice with your colleagues.


If interested, please email me or call.



William “Bill” Randall, RN, CEN, Ph.D. candidate

408-832-6311 (cell)


Bill Randall 2 months ago

Thanks, Ren for sending this out. Just to clarify, I'm looking for nurses anywhere within driving distance of Sacramento, so anyone working near Yuba City, Stockton, Vallejo, Lincoln, Auburn, etc. are all encouraged to respond. I'm especially looking for nurses on nights (or evenings). Thanks!

Maria nimfa Bautista about 2 months ago

I’m interested ..I work as ICU RN level 2 trauma center
I’ve been an ICU RN for 22 yrs been on the company for 21

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