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Happy Nurses Week!

Posted 13 days ago

Hope you are having an amazing nurses week! We are offering a special membership discount to all those that join the chapter this week. Chapter membership will only be $10 from now until Saturday. Thank you to all you do! 


Mark Taurone 11 days ago

How about if we renew this week?

Jodi Coltes Warfield 10 days ago

Anytime this week! Goes back to $25 on Sunday

Marina Rykoff 8 days ago

My membership is active until December. Can I still update it for another year this week?

Lilly Alikhanova 7 days ago

How am I able to renew this week? I am active until December as well

Tracy Nord 7 days ago

I just gave it a go. My membership didn't expire until Oct. I renewed (for the $10). And now my expiration shows 10/2020.

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