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Posted about 1 year ago by Ren Bee

Hello Sacramento AACN Nurses,

I would like to first congratulate all of you for being the winners of the AACN Circle of Excellence Award.  It is a very distinguished award and our community should be very proud for receiving this award!  Your membership and participation matters!

This past year, as the President of this award winning chapter, we have done many great things as a collective and I would like to share them with you in the following Fiscal Year Summary...

Succession Planning:

As a chapter, we have developed a strong succession planning process this past year. During our annual strategic planning session, we have established a goal of obtaining 1 new board member and encourage new nurses to join our board.  I would like to inform you that we have met and exceeded our goals this year.  Over the last 12 months, we have added 4 new board members and 4 more are expressing interests to join us in the upcoming year.  3 new nurses have stepped up to the challenge and they will be taking on one of the Executive Board positions (Secretary, Treasurer, Treasurer Elect) in 2017!  In addition, we are reaching out to new strong nurse leaders in our community in an effort to hopefully be able to have a board representing all 5 major health systems (UCDHS, Sutter, Dignity, Kaiser, VA) in addition to other specialty areas within the Greater Sacramento Region.  Having a well-represented board will allow us to obtain the needs of all the stakeholders within the Greater Sacramento Region.


Prior to my presidency, SAC - AACN have already been known as one of the largest active chapters in California. As the second oldest chartered chapter in the nation, with a membership of approximately 227 at the beginning of our fiscal year, we have been a chapter of great strengths and resiliency.  Our 2016-17 strategic planning goal for membership was 250 (approximately 10% growth) and I am proud to inform you that we have met and exceeded that goal as well.  As of today, I am happy report that we are at 363 and that's a 62.5% growth from last year!  This unprecedented growth would not be possible without the support of each of you at our events and the hardwork from this team!  I would like to personally thank Patty Jasper (Membership Coodinator) for her hard work this year, as she has been the unsung hero working behind the scenes for many years on membership for our chapter.  Thank you Patty! Let's continue to be a strong National AACN member and a committed local SAC-AACN member!


In terms of education programming, it's been a bit of a change this year.  After reading countless feedbacks from our members in the evaluations and needs assessments, we have decided to move forward with a different education programming plan for our chapter in 2016-2017.  It was a bold plan with alot of work and the chapter perservered.

First, we have taken on hosting the Beacon Dinner with panel discussions and a short presentation by our Region 19 Chapter Advisor, Angela Benefield.  Then we have added many educational dinner events with a coordinated partnership presentation made by many local community partners.  To promote the Value of Certification, we added a Cardiac Medicine Certification / Cardiac Surgery Certification Review Course in addition to the annual CCRN / PCCN Review course (Critical Care Registered Nurse certification / Progressive Care Certification Nurse).  We then tacked on the Annual Spring Symposium, where we invited the National AACN President to share her Vision -IT MATTERS, Healthy Work Environment and Resiliency.  And then finally, we close out the year with 2 more dinners and a half day Interprofessional Symposium in June.  

This was a very ambitious year in Education Programming.  Not only did we increase the number of programs, the variety of topics, and the teaching modalities for learning this past year, but we have also had success in all the events!  In addition to providing traditional classroom presentation, we have also created many new learning topics and opportunities to address the needs of our community.  Through these events, the nurses in this community have the opportunity to develop professionalism, achieve their professional certification while having fun networking with their peers.  I am looking forward 2017-2018, as we look to find new innovative ways to learn and finding effective ways to improve patient care through evidence based research.

Community Partnership:  

Ever since I had completed the Geographic Information System (GIS project) with the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services at UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, I have been an active supporter of developing a community outreach program for SAC-AACN.  This year, we have been partnering with many local non-profit agencies - such as the WIND Youth Services, Mountain Circle Family Services, Junior Achievement of Sacramento, Sacramento Loaves and Fishes and The Aly and Izy Foundation for NICU Families.   On many occasions, we have invited them to speak, inspire, and encourage our nurses to be more involved with these wonderful community agencies at our dinner events.  We have also provided them with some financial support so that they can be able to continue to support our community with much needed services.  I would like to thank all the nurses who decided to be part of these organizations and join the cause of helping others in our community.  I hope we can continue to support each other for the sake of humanity.  


This year, I envisioned creating a framework for a robust Vendor Relations program for our chapter.  I would like to have a synergistical relationship, where we can have a consistent partnership with them as they provide support for some of our educational programming.  As of today, we have nearly 30 community partners in place and many of them willing to support us with larger projects and educational programming.  These partners include hospitals, nursing schools, non-profit organizations, as well as large corporations.  As we evolve as a chapter, I hope one day be able to support larger conventions / symposiums.    

Innovative Programs:  

This year, our chapter have switched over to a new website and a new system for keeping track of membership and receiving payments.  Due to the ease of use, we have eliminated the hours of headache associated with entering new data for membership, accounting for payments, and navigating the website.  We have also created additional ways to inform our membership about our chapter through the use of social media, email, website pictures and (soon) nursing blog.  In an effort to be creative with our chapter membership participation, we have incorporated facebook live for our meetings and testing a couple of interactive internet meeting programs to further support the new generation of nurses.  Furthermore, we have started a New Grad Corner Program, where new grads are encouraged to share their wisdoms with other new grads about the trials and tribulations of being a new nurse as well as finding a position in this tough market in Sacramento.  I believe this is a great way to encourage new nurses to participate in the professional nursing organization early in their career and allow them a way to engage in their skills with our organization. We hope to have this run by new grads yearly, as they find ways to embrace this program and pass it on as a form of succession planning.    


As you know, this year, our chapter have received 2 distinguished award:  The Circle of Excellence Award in Chapter Community Education and Public Service AND The Circle of Excellence Award in Chapter Collaboration.  At NTI, I have learned that over 200 applications have been submitted for 6 Chapter Circle of Excellence Awards this year and 4 Chapters in the nation received more than 1 award.  To put this into perspective, I spoke with Paul Elliot, AACN Recognition Specialist, "this is not something that happens all the time with 4 multiple award winners in a given year... and (the last time we won an award, it was) in 2010, your chapter (SAC - AACN) received one award for Excellence  in Chapter Educational Programming."  Our nurses in the Greater Sacramento Region should be very proud of this award and let's keep this going next year! 

Laura Ullery is now a member of the AACN Nomination Board.  It is a great honor to be serving on this special 10 member board *(including the Chair and the CEO of AACN) and be part of selecting the next Leaders for AACN.  To have her be the liason for our chapter and representing Sacramento and Region 19 (CA), I am thrilled that we will be having her on our board and be able to use her as a great resource for our chapter.  

As we begin the next fiscal year with the new theme, GUIDED BY WHY, I hope all of you can continue to support this chapter, make it your own, and continue to thrive!


Ren Bee 

President, SAC-AACN


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